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Set Resolution While Using Camera Frame Access feature

I want set a high resolution in the CameraFrameAccessSample, according to doc, I can 

Adding the Spaces AR Camera Manager Config component to the AR Session Origin > AR Camera GameObject allows changing the resolution constraint programmatically at runtime. To do this, set the component's MaximumVerticalResolution

but I can not find  Spaces AR Camera Manager Config, can anyone help me ?

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The Spaces AR Camera Manager Config was introduced with Snapdragon Spaces 0.15.0. If you are using a later package, the component will not be there. You can download the latest SDK at Download | Snapdragon Spaces ( 

What version of Spaces are you using? 

Hi Simon,

I set MaximumVerticalResolution=2160, but the displayed image seems to be fixed at 1280x720. Is there any way to display full resolution images?

I use Snapdragon Spaces 0.15.0 SDK.


My goal is to be able to shoot 8MP.

The max resolution of the camera is 1280x720 and there is no possibility of going higher on A3. On VRX and future AR devices the possible max resolution is higher. 

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