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Unity world units to meters

Are the Unity units 1:1 with meters? In other words, if I place something 2.5 units away, is that 2.5 meters away in XR?

I only ask because it doesn't seem to be the case, but it could very well be something on my end, so I just wanted to confirm.

Hi Brian,

Yes that is right. 1 Unity unit = 1 meter. 

You are likely experiencing a bug that is offsetting everything that's rendered in the glasses which is caused by a calibration issue. 

Unfortunately, we do not have a workaround other than experimenting with offsets at this point.

If you feel like the offset is excessive, please post a screenshot and I can tell you if it is outside the offset range we would expect for this bug.

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OK, I've done some experimenting with that in mind. I found a bug on my side where I was adding distance while walking when I shouldn't be. It might be offset a bit at long ranges (> 30m) but it's not important for this project. Sorry about that! Still, it's good to get confirmation about the scale.

Thanks again Simon!

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