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Get event for pinching and un pinching

Hello,  I was wondering how can i get the events for pinching and un pinching in unity, right now i can do it with mapping enter select and exit select, but i want it to work in general even if i am not on UI.

Hi Ahmed,

You can access them via Unity's input system - Here some sample code for the left hand pinch:

    [SerializeField] private InputActionProperty _leftHandPinch;

    private void OnEnable()

    private void OnDisable()

    private void Start()
        _leftHandPinch.action.performed += LeftHandPinchPerformed;

    private void LeftHandPinchPerformed(InputAction.CallbackContext obj)
        Debug.Log("Left hand PINCHED");

The corresponding input actions to assign in the editor are 

  • triggerPressed [LeftHand Qualcomm Hand]
  • triggerPressed [RightHand Qualcomm Hand]

and for grabbing

  • grip [LeftHand Qualcomm Hand]
  • grip [RightHand Qualcomm Hand]

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Thanks a lot Simon

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