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Adding Wrist UI to tracked hands

Hi all,

I'm looking to add a wrist UI element to the hands so I can make interactions on menu selections more intuitive and fun.

Is there any way to find out where the wrist is so that I can attach the UI object?

Hi Gareth,

there is no exactly tracked position of the wrist available. I'd suggest the following:

  • With QCHT edit the default hands prefab located at Packages > QCHT Unity Interactions > Prefabs > Hands > Resources.
  • Add a wrist object as a child of the hand_wrist and set the childs transform to -0.02 (depending on how low you want the wrist to be). The hand will scale for people with bigger or smaller hands - you could use yours as a reference to get a good wrist estimation.
  • Do this for QualcommHandRight and QualcommHandLeft - depending on where you want to add the UI to be added.
  • Note that the position of the renderer doesn't always reflect the physical position of the hands, for example when pinch interacting with an object.

  • The rotation of the wrist is hard to estimate but could be possible to get as well.

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Thanks Simon. 

That'll do it.
One of the challenges of wearables is make menus part of the experience to feel more intuitive.
I might be able to get this in this week.

Hi again,

I made a mistake sorry - there is already a wrist game object available, and it is tracked!

It seems to be offset to the right though. 

Let me know if it works or if the offset persists when using it and I will check in with the team about it.

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