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thinkreality a3 handtracking doesn't work


I am trying to test handtracking in a3.

What I did is just made 'XR origin' Object and add 'QCHT > Hand tracking manger' to it.

When i run on unity, it seems it works.

But when I build the application after turning off 'Project settings > XR Interaction toolkit > Use XR Device Simulators in scenes'.

It doesn't track the hand on a3.

Is there anything should I do or have to know??

Thank you



oh I made it. 
I followed the tutorial again.
What I am curious now is, is it possible to run with dual render fusion?

Yes, you can do both Hand Tracking and Dual Render Fusion.

For your other issue, I assume you just had to check the Hand Tracking box in OpenXR Features?image

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