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Fingers tracking but hands not moving (QCHT Sample)

Trying to get the sample project working, I've gotten to the point where I can see my  ghost hands in the headset but it seems to only be tracking my fingers and the hands stay in the upper right corner, any idea what I'm missing?



could you please provide some more info about the following:

  • Device + firmware version
  • Spaces plugin version
  • Spaces Services version

Do the pre-built samples coming with the package run fine on your device?

This sounds like the scene setup is not correct - did you modify the scene coming with the samples? 

Also please make sure you have QCHT (Hand Tracking not Hand Tracking Deprecated) activated in the OpenXR settings

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I decided to start again from scratch and everythings working great now, I must've missed something in my inital set up, whoops! Thanks for your message : )

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