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Devices support and features.


I have a question about Snapdragon Spaces for Unity and Hololens2 (or any other device). We are planning to create an application using Hololens that would allow user to find specific places (items) on the shelves. We would like to make app that allows user to move around a large space, be guided to specific places, without losing orientation (let say it is 15m x 15m). 

Is there any way to achieve this with Snapdragon Spaces? I.e. with features like: Plane Detection, Positional Tracking, Spatial Anchors, Spatial Meshing?

Is it possible to scan a space, upload this scan to Unity, mark specific places, build an application with this scan, and then go to these specific places with Snapdragon Spaces navigation? (or in any other way?)

Is there a list of supported devices and is there support for Hololens2?

Thanks in advance for the answers

Hi Tomaz,

HoloLens 2 does not have support for Snapdragon Spaces. A list of supported devices can be found here: Devices - Snapdragon Spaces ( Currently, we support Lenovo Think Reality A3 and VRX.

Our features include:

  • Anchors (locally persistent) 
  • Hand Tracking
  • Image Tracking
  • Hit Testing
  • Plane Detection
  • Camera Frame Access
  • Spatial Meshing 
  • Dual Render Fusion

You can find more info about the features at Snapdragon Spaces™ Unity and Unreal SDKs | Snapdragon Spaces (

There are no environment or area targets available, but I'd recommend you submit it as an idea for our Roadmap at Snapdragon Spaces Roadmap - Snapdragon Spaces ( and vote for features you'd like to have. 

The closest feature to what you're asking for would be using locally persistent anchors. After restarting your application, you can load the stored anchors and they will show up in the same spot as last time. 

Thank you for the answer.

Is there any feature in Snapdragon Spaces like Vuforia's Area Target? (

In this video:, we can see that 'holograms' are in the other room than the user. So is it possible that with Snapdragon Spaces we have very good spatial tracking? Let say we put one hologram in the kitchen, nad then we go to the bedroom. When we came back to the kitchen, will this hologram in the same place?

There is no feature that compares to area targets. Persistent anchors would come closest in terms of functionality but would require some additional management implementation. 

Spatial tracking is good enough to go into several rooms, I've personally tried with three before. Note that you will need to implement occlusion with walls though otherwise content in one room is visible through the wall in another. (Our meshing feature could be useful here). The hologram will stay in place given good environment conditions (lighting etc.).

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