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stream a 3D Model on lenovo thinkreality A3

hello ,

my project  is to develop an augmented reality application that

stream a 3d model from a unity server to the Lenovo A3 glasses and interact with the streamed 3d model

i made  little architecture below to understand more .

Actually i use unity render streaming  to stream video texture and  XRIT for interaction part  but i have  the result is a  windows   with  only the screen of unity scene in  a raw image element    with no interaction.

i would like to stream all the 3D model  in the glass and interact inside the model .



you submitted a support ticket about this issue before - did the reply not go through? 

Unity Render Streaming streams a via a Render Texture on a Raw Image component. It is not suitable for streaming 3d geometry. You would need to find another plugin to do that. 

Can you go deeper into the use case of streaming 3d models instead of the render texture to the glasses? Theoretically if that's what you want to do, then no streaming is required at all and you can just render the geometry locally. 

If you're using Render Streaming after all, it sounds like your problem lies in transmitting input from the glasses to your server. Did you try debugging the data transfer between your client and server - Are the input commands coming through? 

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HI , simon
thanks for your quick reply

 sorry  i created another  ticket  because i haven't find  the old one  .

can  you give me another plugin i can use to stream 3d geometry model?

 to go deeper Our use case is to develop an augmented reality application to help technicians in their work in the boiler room.

For example, we would like to add the following functionality :
overlay the 3d model with reality and move around in the model
add a remote help function

we would like to use the capacity of our nvidia server to render our model  because it cant render  on the phone .

we want to achieve a result like we have done it with hololense  in the  photo .

for the input command i was able only to send gyroscope data but not hand tracking data

thanks .

(1.37 MB)
(1.65 MB)


unfortunately giving support on Nvidia Cloud Rendering or Unity Render Streaming is outside the scope of Snapdragon Spaces support. 

As this seems to be an issue not related to Snapdragon Spaces, I'd suggest trying Unity or Nvidia support channels. 

On a surface level the setup should should not differ that much compared to Hololens. If your streaming setup already works for Hololens with inputs and rendering, integrating your project with Spaces should be rather straightforward.  

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