Updating glasses firmware on a brand new A3 devkit

If you are new to Snapdragon Spaces, just got a new A3 devkit, and want to upgrade it to the latest firmware, please take a look at the following FAQ article first: https://support.spaces.qualcomm.com/a/solutions/articles/72000606249

There is currently no upgrade path from the initial firmware 914 to the latest version if your Motorola Edge is on Android 13. Please use of one of the workarounds in the article.

Hi, this issue has been resolved, hence the FAQ article was taken down. There are still a couple of other problems with updating right now though. Could you please open a ticket with support at support@spaces.qualcomm.com and send us your firmware version and serial number? Here a guide for finding them  Helpdesk : Qualcomm 

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Hey, I am having a lot of trouble getting a firmware update to a new A3 devkit. I cannot enable developer mode and I have not been able to get any applications running on the glasses yet. This sounds like a similar problem to the one mentioned here,  but the link provided here is dead. Is there a chance that this could be updated to point to the article?