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How to darken the color of 3DCG furniture in an indoor space with sunlight?

I have a client who is involved in real estate.

The area they wish to use will have sunshine.

When I developed an application with A3 to display the furniture, the colors are quite faded. 

Therefore my customer feels it is difficult for the end user to experience.

Is there any way to solve this issue?

Thank you!


have you tried adjusting the brightness settings of your A3? If you start the companion controller app, then select A3 Home, you will be able to access the device menu and change the brightness from there. 

Light sensitivity and fading colors are generally an issue that all AR optical see through devices face. Since their displays additively add light, they produce better results in moderatly lit environments. 

Video see through AR does not have that problem but device availability is limited for now. In the future you could consider devices of this kind.  ThinkReality VRX ( 

Hi Simon,

Thank you for your advice.

Actually, I have already adjusted the brightness.

Also, we are planning to consider proposing video pass-through in the future.

This customer prefers a lightweight glass type, which may be an appropriate suggestion for other real estate makers.

Thank you!

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