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Problems with left hand in Interactions v.4pre-9

If you build any of the three provided interaction samples, all three have a problem with the left hand - it looks inverted. Also there's a problem with the left hand in the editor when using XR Interaction Toolkit Hand Tracking simulation - if you raycast something, after a second or two the ray gets stuck on the collider and the reticle from the XR Interactor Reticle Visual disappears (the same problem existed with the third version, but it was solved by shaking the hands left and right and it detached and started working again, in the latest version this doesn't help - I guess this is the same problem that the grab doesn't let go?).

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Yes we are aware of the inverted hand on the left side, (similar thing with the fingers on the right side in some situations) and working on a fix with a future release. 

The raycast issue seems new to me. Could go into more details and maybe provide steps to reproduce? With the third version you are referring to QCHT 3.4? On first glance your assumption about a relation to the known grabbing bug makes sense to me as well. Thanks!

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we’ve encountered a similar problem with the new Hand Interaction system. It sounds similar enough, but instead of the hand being “inverted”, the left hand just doesn’t seem to rotate properly. The palm of the hand stays stationary (no matter how the rest of the hand is rotated), while the fingers twist around their joints.

For this reason and also because the Documentary is kinda in-between old and new systems right now, we decided to stick with the old QCHT system for our upcoming showcase. 

For the old system we also discovered a problem with the hands, if the proximal interaction type is set to “Colliding”. In that case the hand will be displayed correctly, as long the user is not rotating. If I’m turning to the right side for example, the hand forward orientation will still be facing the original forward rotation. By that logic, if I’ll turn around 180° the hand will be inverted


Hi Tim,

Sorry to hear you're blocked from using the latest version for your showcase. 

We are working on fixes to the hands for the upcoming release that address the hand mesh and rotation issues you are seeing. 

Did you happen to check if the recent version also has the issue with the forward orientation not updating correctly? 

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Hi Simon,

yeah in the recent version the right hand is behaving normal, but for the left hand the palm/ base of the hand doesnt rotate at all. The fingers are trying to move correctly, but since the base doesnt rotate all the fingers are twisted and weirdly contorted

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