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Is there a way to place large amounts of furniture throughout a vast office floor?

We want to place a large amount of furniture across a large office floor, but there are limitations on the Android device side.

Is it possible to use cloud rendering technology?

Also, is there any way to make the entire vast office floor spatially aware?

Thank you!


Spaces currently does not support area targets that would be the closest to making the vast office floor spatially aware. The closest you would currently get is by using persistent anchors  Anchor Sample | Snapdragon spaces (  

Ikea place for example uses a combination of plane detection and anchors for placement that could suffice for your application as well.

Cloud rendering in general is a possibility but not provided by Qualcomm or the Spaces SDK. You would need to have the infrastructure and software in place for that by yourself. 

If your application is limited by the performance of the android device I would suggest:

  • Lower the resolution of your furniture models
  • Generate and configure LODs for your models
  • Profile your application and see where the bottleneck is with adb wifi and Unity/Unreal profiler 

Do you see any other limitations on your device? 

Hi Simon,
We understand that it is not possible to recognize a wide area at this time.

We are currently using local anchors and have managed to achieve this.

If multiple anchors can be positioned without any problems, it would be possible to use it for wide areas.

The app will only run on the Motorola Android device that comes with the A3, so performance will be high.
Best regards,

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