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AR marker based QR code


I would like to develop an augmented reality marker based  with snapdragon spaces.

The marker that would like to use would be  a QR code.

would you have some advices on what library use to read the content of the qr code  and relocalize the smartglasses respect to it ??

Thank you for the support

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Hi Lorenzo,

in case a predefined number of QR codes is an option you could use Spaces image tracking. If it is not, I would try using our camera frame access feature and forward it to a QR code reader library of your choice. Depending on your engine different libraries likely work well. Best rated and cross platform for Unity would be this one  QR/Code Reader and Generator--Cross Platform | Integration | Unity Asset Store 

These QR code plugins often have an Android Manifest attached with certain modifications that can conflict with spaces. (Example renaming the android activity something other than Unity Player). The only way to find out is to try or request the info from the plugin developer.

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