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Compatibility Snapdragon Spaces and Meta Quest Support


I have a project that is using the SpaceDragon feature group various features like the plane detection. It is working pretty well when building with the base runtime.

Now my problem is that I want my project to be available for the Quest pro. As instructed in this documentation, I added the Oculus Touch Controller Profile and the Meta Quest Support . This is where the problems begins.

As soon as I added the Meta Quest Support, I got this error and failed all following builds

Only one OpenXR feature may have a custom runtime loader per platform. Disable Base Runtime or Meta Quest Support.
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)

 I thought that I could just disable the base runtime but I soon discovered that all the features that I use in the project (ie plane detection... etc) are dependent on it.

Now my question is as follow : What should I do to make my project compatible with the Quest ? 

I know that there is a similar issue here, but their problem was the other way around, they used the Oculus XR plugin instead of the Quest Support and they did not seems to use snapdragon specific features like I do.

Thanks in advance


Currently there is no possibility to do this since not all our Base Runtime features such as Plane Detection are supported for Oculus Quest. You can either choose Meta Quest Support or the Base Runtime at this moment.


Could you elaborate as to what this means? What features are/are not supported on the quest lineup (2/pro) v.s. the natively supported lenovo devices?

The option for Meta Quest Support is not coming from Snapdragon Spaces but Oculus | Unity which is displayed in the OpenXR settings per default (some info here Oculus Quest Support | OpenXR Plugin | 1.6.0 ( You can not develop with Snapdragon Spaces on Quest

If you develop for Quest you have to disable the Base Runtime (and with it Snapdragon Spaces features) and if you develop for Snapdragon Spaces you have to disable Meta Quest Support. 

Some Snapdragon Spaces enabled devices such as Lenovo Think Reality VRX use controllers as input method. You can choose to use the Oculus Touch Controller profile in the Interaction Profile settings. That does not require Meta Quest Support to be enabled tough.

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