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apk Samples of SDK Snapdragon Spaces 0.11.1 problem

In the .apk Samples of SDK Snapdragon Spaces 0.11.1, I observed 2 main problems: 1) when trying to open the Anchor Sample and the Hit Testing Sample the app immediately crashes 2) when opening the Spatial Meshing Sample, the Sample actually doesn't work, because nothing happens In my project, I was using anchor points and everything was working fine, but when I implemented inside the hit testing features, also my app stopped working and when I try to open it the scene where I want to create anchors through hit testing, my app crushes too, as the Samples app of SDK 0.11.1 Given the fact that the 2 Samples in point 1) have in common the hit testing, and when I added the hit testing features in my project, I had the same problem of the Samples app, I wonder if the Hit Testing is the actual problem. Trying with samples of SDK 0.9 everything was working fine and the app was not crushing, only with the new SDK the problem came out.

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Hi Lorenzo, 

In regards to meshing you're experiencing the same issue as in this thread  Helpdesk : Qualcomm ( 

Please do the following and report back:

  1. Uninstall Spaces Services and the Samples app
  2. Power off the device
  3. Power it back on again
  4. Reinstall services
  5. Reinstall the samples app
  6. Grant permissions to both

About hit testing - what type of trackable are you raycasting for? 

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