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Hand tracking - Stability Issue & MRTK Integration

Hi everyone,

we are in the process of evaluating the Qualcomm Space SDK and the Lenovo A3 glasses. 
A few questions regarding the hand tracking functionality. I followed the tutorial

and got the sample scene working. However, the hand tracking has a long latency and loses track of the hands frequently. Is there any update planned?

We are heavy users of the MRTK framework in our AR apps. Your docs show some early MRTK support, but main components such as integrating of the hand tracking framework is missing. Do you have any roadmap for your MRTK support that you can share?



Hand Tracking is now available with MRTK with our latest 0.11 SDK:

MRTK3 Unity Setup | Snapdragon spaces ( 


I am also looking forward integrating with MRTK 3 the link you provide is broken, Can you point me other refrences?

The link has been updated, thank you for notifying us.

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