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Help testing a project

Hello everyone!

My team has been asked to develop a small plane detection demo in Unity using Spaces, however, we don't currently have access to the AR glasses or to a Motorola Edge device.

Within the editor we are not able to test as we only see a black screen and several warning messages in the console, and on my smartphone I only see the black screen (I have given camera permissions) 

Is there any other way to test the project?

Hi Dovahkin,

Development on Spaces without a devkit is complicated. You could try the XR Device Simulator from the XR Interaction Toolkit Samples in the Package Manager for now.

 Since Spaces is compatible with AR Foundation you could also opt for testing with another subsystem provider while you wait for your devkit, then port your application to Spaces. More about the devkits here Snapdragon Spaces Hardware Development Kit | Snapdragon Spaces ( 

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Great! I'll try using that package, thanks!

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