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Weird flickering bar on sample project

I don't see this flickering bar when using the main menu, but when I run the Unity sample project I see this flickering bar in the upper portion of the display. Is this some issue with my project settings? I hope it's not a hardware problem with the glasses. I don't think so, though, because I only see it in the sample app.

Can you send a video of what you're seeing? And is it happening with all of the sample scenes or just a subset?

How do you record a video on the glasses--is there some kind of shortcut button press? It's every scene in the sample project?

Best way is to film it with a mobile phone camera behind the lens, to make sure it captures the actual visual display (and not a clean internal rendering)

Try this.

We have seen that when the device need to be rebooted  can you turn off the phone and then reboot it and retry  to see if it resolves the issue?

That fixed it! Thanks!

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