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Change scene Handtraking problem


when i change the scene in my application the gaze is working well, while the handgesture  avatar freeze in the grab position. In the first scene the hand works correctly in the second scene i added the handgesture in the same way, but when i launch it the avatar of the hand remains freeze and the interaction doesn't work.

Unfortunately, there is not an example, so i would like to understand what i have to do during the transition to maintain a properly behaviour of the hand interaction and avatar??

Best regards,

Lorenzo Orlandi

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Hi Lorenzo,

   it sounds like the update for the 2nd scene isn't going through. Without seeing your code I can only make suggestions, but I would sprinkle some logging lines in both scenes and try to narrow down where the updates are getting lost in your new scene. We have seen apps where folks have added in their own hand tracking scenes and they seem to be working correctly, so we're pretty sure that there should be nothing stopping you from doing more than one scene.

- Ron Fosner - Snapdragon Spaces Support

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