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Image Tracking Crash

Hi All,

The Image Tracking sample appears to be the only sample that crashes. It is also the same when I am trying to use image tracking, I can't get a prefab onto the sample image (Spaces Town).

Has anyone seen this? I did think could it be the A3 Camera but then the surface tracker and hand tracking samples work perfectly!




We experienced this with earlier versions of Unity 2021, but that looks like it's been resolved with the latest. Please see this note for more details:



That has fixed the crash. However, for some reason, image tracking sample still doesn't recognise the Spaces Town image on the A3. It recognises hands, planes, etc, but not image tracking! A little weird! 



Hi Andrew - can you give me some particulars on the issue you are seeing? Are you tracking an image on screen or a printout? Which size image are you using? On our testing it does track the image, but the image needs to be large/close to initiate tracking - which we are working on improving - so any feedback is useful - thanks!

- Ron

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