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Spaces Controller does not load with app

Hi there,

When I launch my sample App on the edge, the Spaces Controller doesn't seem to load with the App. I have made sure custom controller isn't selected in the Base Runtime, etc.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?


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Which version of Spaces Services are you running? If it's version 0.6.1 or older, you may need to open the Spaces Services app and select "Spaces Services" in "Choose Source". In version 0.7.0 and later that should auto-select.

However you said your sample app and explained your build steps, which means you're not referring to the prebuilt samples, and I'm guessing you've already witnessed the Controller loading when you launch the prebuilt samples, in which case the above paragraph shouldn't be necessary.

In your Base Runtime can you make sure "Launch on Viewer" is selected?

If you're using Unity 2021, also make sure you do a Clean Build to rule everything else out.



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