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How to reset the glasses to factory fresh firmware

How to reset the glasses to factory fresh firmware?

Im getting a pop up message on my glasses telling me to go to think reality support.

im guessing i unplugged the glasses at the wrong time and it caused some corruption

its just a hunch, ive been in I.T. a long time.

how do i update to factory fresh?

is it that pin that comes with the glasses?

where is the hole to stick it in?

do i do this right before pluging into power?

will that update to the firmware that came in the box?

will the motorola edge detect this and send over the latest firmware as it did before?

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Hi Juan,

  if you are still having issues please create s support ticket here. When you register your phone we can then see what Spaces software you have installed and we can push updates to the firmware. The first step is to register and open a support ticket so we can proceed in assisting you.

- Ron Fosner

Snapdragon Spaces Support

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