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Spaces 0.8: 3D Audio not working

I found that 3D audio sources were not working (silent) in our app after updating to 0.8. Audio sources with some 2D in the spatial mix were coming through. Have since downgraded to 0.6.1.

We'll take a look, did you see the same issues with 0.7.0?

No, it worked in 0.7, 0.6 is just generally more stable

We ran a test and it looks like we aren't getting the 3D audio to fade out in 0.6.1 either, finding the same audio performance on 0.6.1 as 0.8.1. Can you either provide an apk or describe how you're running your test so we can attempt to replicate and resolve in a future release?

So what are you using for a spatializer? I'm attempting to use the Oculus spatializer with this since it works with Android....I'm hoping it works on this device?

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