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Reticle Pointer acts differently than Laser Pointer


The reticle pointer does not collide with physical colliders in the scene, but the laser pointer does.

Also I noticed that it is not possible to drag a UI slider with the reticle. In the Editor it works with an update issue and it does not work at all on the glasses.

In newer versions of the XR Interaction Toolkit there is also a visual reticle component included, but unfortunately I could not find any examples from Unity on how to implement it. If Unity provides a reticle solution already with the XR Interaction Toolkit it might make sense to switch to that implementation instead of a custom one.

And since it is related to the XRIT, one last question: Why is the SDK still using the pre-release version 1.0.0-pre.6 of the XR Interaction Toolkit as a dependency? The latest version is currently 2.1.1.




This is the design of the sample to showcase the controller, that app sample (XRIT) should be set to controller mode to properly interact with the UI elements. In this sample, the mode is toggled by the Menu button on the companion controller.

We will submit a note to the SDK team on the XRIT dependency version.



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Okay, thanks. We thought that both reticle and controller are supposed to work in all showcases so the user can choose their preferred input method. But nevermind. Thanks for sending the note on the XRIT dependency version.

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