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Hand tracking - detect the hand was tracked

Is it possible to detect the hand was tracked?

I try to use 

if (SpacesHandManager.instance.LeftHand.trackingState  != TrackingState.None) {...}

But seems it could not work in Editor.

If there is any suggestion way to check if the hand was tracked both in Editor and glass? 

At this time only running Snapdragon Spaces on target (Spaces supported handset and glasses) is possible.  It's not clear if you are having issues running on glasses or was this just trying to run on the Editor?

The SpacesHandManager.instance.LeftHand.trackingState method could run on device.

But if I still wanna test position of 2 hands on the Editor, so I use another method.
Check QCHT 
avatar model if active. (<- this method works on device and the Editor) 

You can use QCHTInput.IsHandDetected method to know if left or right hand is tracked or not.

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Oh!! QCHTInput.IsHandDetected worked.

Thank you for this information.

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