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About custom controller

Is there any document to learn about how to make more interactive custom controller.

I've saw the custom controller document of the tutorial, but the template only use 2 buttons.

I wanna try if I could make xy-pads or get touch behavior,  like the hand drawing example on YouTube.

At the present time, the Companion Controller can only be customized by changing the image texture of the controller along with the presentation style of the two man buttons (menu and select) and finally presentation style of the power button. We will be adding more capabilities with upcoming releases for the companion controller, with touch behavior coming in a future release as well. The YouTube video is showing an early prototype and is not yet available in our SDK yet.

For the .aar file, it can be placed anywhere in the Unity project (such as in the top-level Assets folder), but you can only include one at a time and it should be renamed to something other than "SpacesController-release".

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And also, if I build the .aar file, where should I put this file in Unity project?

Does the custom controller support more different input now?

I wanna let user input text from phone side.
Since 0.6.1 started to support touchpad, I know I could let user draw something on xy-pad.
But if I wanna let user enter their name, the touchpad input is not good enough for entering multi-text.

Is it possible let we could add 
input field as text input UI?

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