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No Lenovo apps install


all update have been done up to last Android 13 patch on moto edge.

UDC launched correctly when plugging glasses  & registration seems to be OK but no companion apps have been installed ...

Any tips ?



Hey Frederic, 

did you perhaps install the UDC app from the Playstore? That version is not compatible. 

We're looking into if the update to Android 13 has possibly created a problem here too. 

Hi ! I’ve used the UFC’s which pop pop up after connecting the glasses. Below, how I proceed : Boot up & setup the moto edge. Download and install all system update up to android 13. Plug the glasses. Wait for udc show up Unplug glasses Fill up all step in udc => registration seems to be ok. (QR code) No Lenovo apps download no install. Plug the glasses and wait for boot. Glasses display blinking image with red/white cross on the link between glasses and computer/phone. Fred

Hi Fred,

I can confirm there is an issue with Android 13 and UDC updates. Sorry you ran into it! We are working on a software update with Motorola and Lenovo to fix this. I will notify you on this thread when there is news. 

Many Thanks Simon.

Hoping reading you back soon.


In the meantime you could install the apps needed to run Spaces powered apps by yourself. The apk files for Snapdragon Spaces Services, and samples built with Unity or Unreal also come with our SDK downloads at Snapdragon Spaces. You can install them via adb Android Debug Bridge (adb) 

Hi ! 

any update ?

No specifics - an eta is not determined yet. I expect a couple of weeks. 

Were you able to sideload the apps via adb or is your development completly blocked? 

Hi Frederic, I'm having the same issue. I'm curious to know if you were able to get the Snapdragon Demo when installed by adb ?

Hi Cabrera, 

Lenovo EU sent me a brand new usb 3 cable, this solve my connection issue. 

Now Spaces sample apps works perfectly (Unity SDK) but still no lenovo companion apps.

I will go on w/o them.


Hi all,

Lenovo has started rolling out the updated apps and firmware today! 

Hey, just to boost this issue. I too ran into an issue with the Lenovo Universal Device app not installing the three Lenovo Companion apps. 

The Android Build is:
Android 12, Build Number: S3SHS32.12-41-4-4

I can install the apk from the Spaces unity package, but I am also not able to find any apks for the Lenovo apps to sideload. I am going to go on without these for now.

Hi @Bnlcas,
Lenovo has released a fix that will enable you to update Android.
Once you've completed the OS update, ThinkReality apps will be automatically installed within an hour.


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