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How to re-register Moto Edge+ withLenovo client device management

I had some issue with my Moto Edge+ and had to go through a factory reset.

Now I am stuck at Lenovo Universal Device Client registration step where the QR-code scanning returned failure message.

Is there any quick way to allow Lenovo A3 apps re-download after Edge+ phone factory reset?

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If you reset your device after registering it, you will be unable to re-register until we have reset your device in our system. Please open a ticket stating your device's serial number and that you have reset the device and need us to reset it on our end.

Snapdragon Spaces Support

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Hello. I reset my phone to factory. 1) Contacted support for serial number removal 2) received confirmation 3) Lenovo Universal Device client didn’t automatically launch when connecting glasses, so I: 4) Installed Lenovo UDC from Play Store 5) Followed directions to register device 6) Only received Lenovo apps this time (no Snapdragon apps) 7) set permissions as asked 8) the Lenovo Companion app shows a blank notification when glasses are connected and glasses do not boot up.
Mine will not register either, I get error messages, I opened a ticket and am waiting for help please, this phone is new
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