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How to setup your Hardware Developer Kit

All steps to setup your Motorola Edge 30 Pro & ThinkReality A3 can be found in the SDK documentation. SDK documentation.

Should you have any troubles with setting up your devices, simply create a forum post.

Your Spaces Developer Support team


We are currently having an issue setting up our Motorola Edge and Thinkreality a3. We have tried to go through the guide above however it does not seem to update the firmware correctly and apps do not work on firmware s1sc32.52-27-2.

Opening the snapdragon spaces sample makes the logo disappear and displays nothing, and the companion app does not interact with the glasses other than displaying if the glasses are connected or not. I also cannot reach the thinkreality home screen hub ui, and on many attempts the device doesn't boot into xr at all, all I can see is a mirrored image of the phone screen displayed in two halves on either lens.

Below are images of the phones companion app (blank login page) and the UDC app (The headings are no longer clickable). We would be very grateful for any assistance.

Adam Tunnicliffe



It looks like your Motorola phone is still on an old system software. Please make sure it gets up to 55-78-8 or 55-78-10 in Step 2:

Hi Steve, 

As mentioned above, the phone will not update above version s1sc32.52-27-2 when we try. Would it be possible for you to give me a link to manually update it?

I have attached an image of the phone after checking for updates following Step2. It seems to believe that it is on the latest version.


We have someone looking into this, thanks for the update.

Did you purchase the phone through us or commercially? Snapdragon Spaces phones are running a preview version of the system software. If you can give me the phone serial number I can see if I can track it on our end. The serial number is  in the Model & Hardware page and is 10 numbers/letters.

- Ron

Hi Steve and Ron, thanks for the quick support. 

We have received confirmation that we were sent the wrong phone, and that this one is not eligible for the firmware update. We will be sending this one back and hopefully receiving another soon.

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