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Sideload Apps Lenovo VRX

I want to know how to sideload apps on the lenovo VRX, my device is in developer mode and allows transfer of files. Once I transfer the apk files to the device what's next? I can see in the storage section of the main menu (image attached) the apks but can't click them to install them. Please advice. Thanks!

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Copying my ticket response here for anyone else reading this:

VRX does not have a file browser unfortunately. 
In theory it is possible to use the android file browser instead by deactivating XR functionality and mirroring the screen on a PC via scrcpy. This allows you to act as if VRX was a standard Android phone. 

Sideloading via adb (Android Debug Bridge (adb)  |  Android Studio  |  Android Developers) is possible and a much easier solution here. 
After downloading the Android SDK Platform Tools (SDK Platform Tools release notes  |  Android Studio  |  Android Developers) that adb is a part of, you can connect your VRX to a PC and run the command
adb install [flags] [PathToAPK/AppName].apk

A flag that I would recommend is -g to grant all permissions automatically. 
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