A very intense flickering that may even be perceived as nothing rendering at all can occur for the following scenario:

  1. Launch a non Dual Render Fusion app such as the Snapdragon Spaces Samples.
  2. Suspend or background this app.
  3. Launch a Dual Render Fusion app.
  4. Observe flickering when the application has launched.

This behavior may occur often. especially on Motorola Edge devices in combination with Think Reality A3 when using TR Home to launch apps.

  1. Launch TR Home.
  2. Within TR Home launch a Dual Render Fusion app.
  3. Observe flickering when the application has launched.

Affected Versions

Snapdragon Spaces 0.18.0 and Dual Render Fusion 0.18.0

Snapdragon Spaces 0.19.1 and Dual Render Fusion 0.19.1


There are several ways to mitigate this bug and stop the flickering:

  • When observing the flickering (force) close the non-dual render fusion app. 
  • Instead of suspending the non Dual Render Fusion app, close it completely by calling Application.Quit or using the Android functionality for it.
  • Do not use TR Home to launch an app built with Dual Render Fusion, instead launch it from the phone directly.