Are there Composition Layers for Unreal?

  • The Composition Layers in unreal are called Stereo Layers. 

Is it possible to render world space layers instead of screen spaces (head locked) layers? 

  • For Unity there is a Use Transform option on the Spaces Composition Layer component.image
  • For Unreal set the Stereo Layer Type to World Locked.
  • Note that this option uses a lot of performance.

Are other layer shapes supported but the quad layers? 

  • There is no support for curved layers, Snapdragon Spaces only supports quad layers. 

Do the layers need to render on top of everything?

  • The layers render on top of everything. They can be sorted using the Sorting Order (Unity) or Priority (Unreal) property. Layers with a lower sorting order are rendered first and higher sorting order layers on top of them. 

Are there any more samples other than the gaze pointer? 

  • There are no other public samples but the gaze pointer in the Snapdragon Spaces samples available. 

Is there a limit on the number of layers? 

  • There is a limit of 16 layers.

Is there a minimum Snapdragon Spaces SDK requirement? 

  • Composition Layes need at least Snapdragon Spaces SDK 0.15.0 Plugin or later. The Snapdragon Spaces Services need to be at least 0.14.1 or later. 

Do composition layers work on VRX?

  • VRX Firmware 673 introduces Snapdragon Spaces Services 0.14.1 to the device which enables running Composition Layers on it. Make sure your device uses this or later firmware.