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Issue with Lenovo VRX App and Qualcomm Service Update

I want to inquire about an issue we're facing with  the Lenovo VRX device. We've been trying to enable hand tracking, but it's not working. To check this, we updated the Qualcomm service to version 15. However, after this update, the Lenovo VRX UI(Home) disappears and doesn't display properly. When we restart the Device, it briefly appears for about 2 seconds and then turns into a black screen. We also attempted to remove the service using ADB commands, but that didn't resolve the issue. Do you have any suggestions or solutions to help us resolve this problem?

Many thanks for all the files, this is super helpful I verified the issue and started interaction with engineering team on fixing this issue.

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Hello! We are having the same problem with hand tracking on Lenovo device, we have tried all the suggested alternatives we have seen here. Have any solutions been found?

Hi Daniel,

The hand tracking only works if you lunch the app with controller like Unity Sample and then pull the batteries out. This is a temporary hack, while SDK team is working on more elegant solutions.
We apologize for all the inconvenience. Plese let me know if it works for you, also what build number is your device is on?

HI Afedorch,
This solution works for me after I  get SD's latest VRX image update.

I am wondering if there is a fix for simultaneously using hands and controller as of now.

We are facing the same issue on our side, we still have to remove the controller batteries.

Unfortunately, you cannot use hands and controllers at the same time, as controllers emit infrared light that will disrupt the hand tracking model.
There is a plan to enable switch with controller button or automatic set up when you should be able to switch to hands if controllers are set on the table. Engineering team is working on implementing this in the next VRX builds.

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