It can be useful to know what Software Version of the VRX firmware and Snapdragon Spaces is running on a VRX device to troubleshot. 

  1. Make sure that adb is setup and working on the PC. Instructions on how to use and set up adb can be found in the Android development reference at Android Debug Bridge (adb).
  2. Connect the VRX to the PC via adb with either a cable or Wi-Fi connection. 
  3. Execute the following adb commands to get
    1. Snapdragon Spaces Services: adb shell dumpsys package | findstr versionName 
      1. Result e.g.: versionName=0.17.0
    2. Software Version (Firmware Version): adb shell getprop
      1. Result e.g.: VRX_user_S766001_2310192349_kona
    3. Serial Number: adb shell getprop ro.serialno
      1. Result e.g.: HLG000YH
    4. A full list of system properties and the keys to use as argument: adb shell getprop
      1. Usage: adb shell getprop [property key]

The VRX Software Version, Controller Firmware Version, and Serial number can also be found directly on the device. Open the Settings app and select About and scroll down to Serial Number and Software Version

For the latest Software Versions please refer to VRX latest recommended firmware version.