The VRX controller models are rotated by ~30° and don't align with the physical controllers. This is especially visible when using VST mode. 


An incorrect binding of the controller rotation "deviceRotation" to the controller pointer rotation "pointerRotation" is causing the rotational offset. 

Affected Versions of Snapdragon Spaces Plugin



Fixed in 0.16.0 Plugin. 


  1. Make sure that the core samples are imported into the project by going to the Package Manager and selecting the Snapdragon Spaces Package. 
  2. The Input Action Asset is located at Assets > Samples > Snapdragon Spaces > [Version Number] > Core Samples > Shared Assets > InputActions
  3. Open the action map for the XRControllers. Select the LeftRotation > Quaternion Fallback > First: deviceRotation [LeftHand Oculus Touch Controller] action. Under Binding click on T, to be able to directly text edit the binding.
  4. Change the binding from "<OculusTouchController>{LeftHand}/pointerRotation" to "<OculusTouchController>{LeftHand}/deviceRotation". 
  5. Do the same for the right hand controller by changing its binding from "<OculusTouchController>{RightHand}/pointerRotation" to "<OculusTouchController>{RightHand}/deviceRotation".