The original app for developers to capture video is called AR Cast and was provided by Lenovo. With the Android 13 Update and updated version of Think Reality on Motorola Edge pro devices, AR Cast was retired on international devices and replaced with TR Cast. 

How to use TR Cast:

  1. Connect phone and glasses
  2. Start the TR Cast app
    1. Optionally Tap on Show Mobile Screen to toggle hiding the screen in the video stream. Note that this option cannot be toggled while the stream is running. The stream must be stopped first by clicking Stop Streaming in the browser or STOP STREAM in the TR Cast app. Note that this button is non-intuitive because it shows the action name, and not the status, so it appears reversed. By default, this option is off.
  3. Open a browser from a computer and type the IP address displayed on the TR Cast app into the browser's address bar. 
  4. Some browsers might show a security warning: First click on Advanced then on Continue to [IP Address] (unsafe).
  5. In the next screen click on Start Streaming or start in the TR Cast app by pressing START STREAM
  6. In the TR Cast app click Start now to start the stream.
  7. Fill in the PIN code from the TR Cast App to the browser window.
  8. The streaming window opens up. 
  9. Select the record button in the upper right corner to take a video of your stream. The format will be .webm. 
  10. Stop the recording and save it to a location of your choice.
  11. Stop the stream by clicking Stop Streaming in the browser or STOP STREAM in the TR Cast app.

Note that some people might find it easier to record the screen with Open Broadcaster Software | OBS ( wich might also produce higher quality results. 

Troubleshooting and more

  • There is no IP address visible: Go into the Settings (upper left corner on the starting screen) and make sure Local Streaming is selected.

  • An alternative, less ideal option is to film the experience “through the lens” by holding a separate phone camera behind one of the glasses lenses, while someone else will need to help walk around with the connected phone.