When opening a Snapdragon Spaces application on Lenovo Think Reality VRX the controllers freeze instantly or after a couple of seconds. The controllers' buttons for input still work. The freeze continues into other apps such as the launcher VRX Home. Only a restart of the device can enable movement input again.


To track the VRX controllers, exposure is lowered on the VRX cameras to be able to track the infra-red points on the controller. This is needed to switch between hand tracking and controller tracking. The bug doesn't reduce the exposure, resulting in the controller position being frozen. 

Affected Versions of Snapdragon Spaces Services

  • 0.14.0

Fixed in 0.14.1 deployed with firmware image 673 and later versions of Snapdragon Spaces Services.

To check the version of Spaces Services:

  1. Connect the VRX to a PC via cable.
  2. Open a terminal and execute the command adb shell dumpsys package | findstr versionName (findstr might need to be replaced with grep on some pcs).
  3. If the result is "versionName=0.14.1-b3" or not starting with 0.15.x the device's Snapdragon Spaces Services are not up to date and the bug is affecting your device.


Update VRX firmware and controller firmware to the latest version.