This article is troubleshooting two screens that show up when experiencing connectivity issues when A3 is plugged into a Motorola edge device. 

Software incompatible

This screen indicates that there is a software compatibility issue on the phone. 


The firmware of the Motorola edge device and the Think Reality A3 glasses might not be up to date. Check the firmware versions of both devices and compare them to the latest. Info on the latest firmware versions can be found at What are the latest (recommended) firmware versions?

When no updates are available:

Hardware incompatible

This screen indicates that there’s no supported device connected.

Sometimes connection issues can be caused by faulty hardware:

  • The USB cable is broken, try another cable that is certified for data transfer. Try plugging in different high-quality USB-C cables. 
  • The onboard micro-battery on the A3 glasses may need some charge. Try plugging the glasses directly into a USB-C power adapter and leave it charging for 10 minutes.