At this moment it is not possible to test the tracking features in the Unity Editor. For 6dof and input, simulation is available.

Spaces Samples Simulator

Testing in the Unity Editor is available with a prefab setup coming from the Snapdragon Spaces samples. The samples can be imported using the Unity Package Manager. Detailed documentation on how to import the samples can be found at

This simulator can be used to test scenes with Gaze Pointer and Device Pointer.

Look for the prefab Interaction.prefab under Assets > Samples > Snapdragon Spaces > [Snapdragon Spaces version number] > Core Samples > Shared Assets > Prefabs > Interaction and add it to your scene. Detailed info about the Interaction prefab composition can be found at

Known Issues

  • There is no hand tracking simulation available with the Spaces sample simulator in Unity. 
  • The Editor Camera Controller is not translating the ARCamera properly. Go to the ARCamera and deactivate the Tracked Pose Driver (Input System) component. Don't forget to reactivate it before building your application.

XR Interaction Toolkit Device Simulator 

Testing in the Unity Editor is available via Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit Simulator

The device simulator can be used to test scenes with Gaze Pointer, Device Pointer, and Hand Tracking (QCHT, MRTK)

Detailed information on how to set up the XRIT Device Simulator can be found at

Enable the XR Interaction Toolkit Device Simulator (opens new window) for simulation, enable the simulation subsystem in the Hand Tracking Simulation section of Unity's Project Settings.

Then, enable Use XR Device Simulator in scenes in the XR Interaction Toolkit section of the Project Settings.

XRIT simulation settings

Known Issues

  • When using the device simulator with the Snapdragon Spaces Samples (non QCHT samples), some controls have double key bindings. Tab can't be used to switch hands. Keyboard shortcuts (Left Shift, Space, T, Y) can still be used for switching hands. Tab instead switches the input modality (Gaze Pointer, Device Pointer, Hand Tracking)
  • Disable the XR Device Simulator before building the application. Otherwise, the build will not be functional.