A complete guide with additional warnings and information can be found in the documentation at Upgrade to Android 13 | Snapdragon Spaces™ Unity and Unreal SDKs (Qualcomm.com).

  1. Make sure the A3 glasses are not connected to a phone yet. 
  2. Plug in your A3 glasses, and wait for the glasses to boot. A popup should show up if you're not on the latest firmware. Press YES to accept this popup.
  3. The device will show you its progress in the Android notification bar.
  4. Wait for the glasses firmware to download, depending on your internet connection this can take a while. If you are on the most recent firmware, it will only download an incremental package (brief time) or a full package if your glasses are on older firmware. 
  5. When the installation is finished, the glasses will show a disconnected icon and the text support.lenovo.com/thinkreality. Plug out the glasses and restart the Motorola Edge device.
  6. After the phone has restarted, open TR Hub again and plug in the glasses. When they have connected again, the new firmware should be visible in TR Hub.