Please check the documentation for a full Android 13 and TR Apps guide Upgrade to Android 13 | Snapdragon Spaces™ Unity and Unreal SDKs (

With the update to Android 13 on Motorola Edge devices, several apps were deprecated or replaced. For example - AR Cast is now TR Cast, A3 Home is now TR Home.

The new Think Reality apps should be available to download within one hour after updating to Android 13.

Phones on Android 12 that are being set up for the first time require an update to Android 13 to receive Lenovo apps.

You can check for available TR updates in the UDC (Lenovo Universal Device Client) app on your device.

  1. Open Lenovo Universal Device Client (UDC) and press "CHECK FOR UPDATES". A toast message showing "Updates are being processed" should pop up.
  2. After waiting a couple of seconds to minutes, accept all prompts for uninstalling old, deprecated Lenovo apps. Unfortunately, there is no progress bar showing the download progress. 
  3. Also accept all prompts for installing the new TR apps (TR Home, TR Cast, TR Hub).

Note that the new TR apps will not be installed if the old apps were not uninstalled!