A lot of problems can be solved by following the recommended upgrading process for Snapdragon Spaces Services.

For Motorola Edge 30 + and Pro and follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall the Snapdragon Spaces Services (if it is your first time installing the Spaces Services go to step 4).
  2. Turn off your phone (do not restart).
  3. Turn on your phone.
  4. Install the Snapdragon Spaces Services again.
    1. If you want to install the Spaces Services from the apk that comes with the SDK package, connect the phone via adb and install the apk again. Do not use the -g option to give permissions automatically.
    2. If you want to receive the Spaces Services via Lenovo UDC, open the Lenovo UDC app and search for Updates. This might take a couple minutes to download and not show background progress. When done it will prompt you to install the services.
  5. After installing, open the Snapdragon Spaces Services app and give permissions for Camera and Display over other apps manually.

Not following the recommended procedure can cause issues like Meshing or Plane Detection failing to start!

Other devices such as VRX and later Motorola devices do not need a special installation procedure. 

A new version of the Snapdragon Spaces Services can be installed over an existing installation without causing harm.

On VRX Snapdragon Spaces Services can't manually be installed. Please refer to Installing Snapdragon Spaces Services on VRX for more information.

To check which VRX Software versions are currently on a VRX Device, please refer to the steps listed at VRX Software Version Numbers